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    Ready to join us in the fight against SSIs? Let’s knock this complication out!

    3M is on a mission to tackle preventable Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). While progress has been made to reduce SSIs, this is one complication that still occurs too frequently, bringing unnecessary suffering and imposing a heavy financial burden on the healthcare system. We know even one infection is one too many, and we’re ready to arm you for battle!

    • Bacteria under magnifying glass

      Free webinar: Human Factors and the Future of Infection Prevention

      To continue to support clinicians in their fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), 3M wanted to gain a better understanding of beliefs and perceptions they hold about the current reality and future potential of infection prevention. So we commissioned a survey of 650 U.S. infection preventionists and clinicians about their attitudes and beliefs about infection prevention trends, challenges and best practices. Watch this webinar to learn what clinicians had to say.

    By the Numbers

    • Up to 60% of SSIs are preventable
      Up to 60% of SSIs are preventable.¹
    • SSIs increase length of stay in hospitals
      SSIs increase length of stay by 7–11 days.¹
    • Doctor responding to survey question
      50% of clinicians surveyed believe there is poor compliance with infection prevention protocols.²

    Our core competency is problem solving

    • SSIs are complex problems, and complex problem solving requires big picture thinking. We’ve tackled challenges across industries—from aerospace to nanotechnology—and now we’re applying our breakthrough scientific approach to help you and your hospital fight SSIs from every angle. Learn more about what we offer below.

    • Bacteria squished and stomped out by nurse’s foot
      Standardize your sterilization assurance.

      Your first line of defense in the fight against SSIs with 3M Sterilization Assurance Solutions.

    • Nurse shows patient how to adjust Bair Hugger System
      Own the Zone with proactive temperature management.

      Bolster your patients’ ability to fight SSIs with proactive normothermia management from the 3M? Bair Hugger? Normothermia System.

    • Patient neck with antimicrobial dressing for vascular solution
      Protect with vascular solutions.

      Educational resources and evidence-based products to help you stop bloodstream infections before they start.

    • Skin prep swiping back against infection
      Manage bacteria on a patient's skin.

      Take on the #1 cause of SSIs—contamination from a patient's own skin—with the 3M? Surgical Patient Skin Preparation System.

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    • References

      1. Anderson D. et al. Strategies to prevent surgical site infections in acute care hospitals: Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. 2014.

      2. Human factors and the future of infection prevention. Survey of 650 infection preventionists and clinicians commissioned by 3M. April 2018.

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