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    • Year after year, 3M Graphics revolutionizes the graphics industry with new technologies and products to showcase brands and increase customer awareness and preference. We deliver high-performance and consistent quality to get your brand noticed on nearly every interior and exterior application imaginable.

    3M Installer Training & Testing

    Get three days of personal, hands-on training from 3M Graphics Authorized Trainers. Practice your skills on 11 stations, including vehicle graphics, smooth and textured walls and floor graphics. The low student-to-trainer ratio of this a danced training will help prepare you for one of the testing programs listed inside.

    • Achieve 3M Preferred, 3M Endorsed installer designation or 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company with this training.

    • Promote your business as a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.

    • Earn the installer credentials you need to advance your career.

    • Calling all qualified 3M Graphics Installers - here's your chance to stay on top of the installation game by being promoted on our website as a Knifeless Accredited Installer. Get hands-on instruction and training to make bolder and more complex designs.

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