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    • 3M offers products and solutions worldwide through our Industrial & Water Business Unit, including Water Solutions, Industrial Filtration and Gas Management Solutions Filtration, and our Life Sciences & Integration Business, including Biopharmaceutical Purification, Medical & Industrial Membranes and Polymer Additives. 


      3M utilizes 3M manufacturing facilities around the world to serve our global customers, including those in the United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, and Australia.


      We have been in the filtration business for over 90 years and provide high quality filtration products to address challenging filtration processes in the Water, Industrial and Biopharmaceutical markets.  Our technical experts are always ready to assist customers with their most challenging filtration problems.

    Product Categories

    • To improve overall household water quality, 3M Residential Water Filtration products address common water quality concerns such as sediment and chlorine taste and odor. We also offer products that can reduce contaminants such as lead and some that help protect pipes by reducing scale.

    • Help protect process equipment from contaminants which can affect their performance, and address water quality concerns with 3M products for efficient, reliable process water filtration.

    • Commercial food service operations rely on high-quality filtered water to keep customers coming back. 3M helps deliver Recipe Quality Water? with a full line of Commercial Food Service Water Filtration products.

    • Look to 3M for a wide variety of solutions and technologies for Bioprocess applications.


    3M provides a wide variety of air and liquid filtration products. We have long been regarded as an industry leader in providing residential water, commercial foodservice, industrial and life science filtration solutions for a diverse set of industry applications.

    Connect With Us

    Let's work together! 3M products are constantly evolving to better meet customer needs. If you need help finding the right product for your project or have other questions about 3M solutions, get in touch with us.

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